The information campaign "Vindkraft Nå" ("Wind power now") provides us with good arguments for why windpower is a big part of the solution to solve the climate crisis.

We can already see the effects of climate change, also in Norway. A climate crisis is an energy crisis. To solve this, we need to reduce the emissions of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gass, and replace them with renewable energy such as wind, water and solar -  while reducing energy consumption. The wind blowing in norway, makes wind power an inexpensive and efficient climate measure. The development of wind power in Norway will result in lower electricity prices, increased tax revenues and most importantly; reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

While the use of wind power has developed more and more in Europe, it is only in recent years that Norwegian politicians have wanted more development. This has led to a heated debate, which unfortunately is also characterized by a lot of misinformation. Norsk vind has taken the initiative for the campaign "Vindkraft nå" which contributes useful information to the debate. We have been given the opportunity to pass on the information on to the readers of

The campaign aims to help the debate be about how we can manage to achieve the climate goals. the starting point is the year 2030. The UN has determined that global emissions must be halved by that year, if we want to avoid the worst climate changes. It is now less than 11 years until Norway has to have cut 40 percent compared to emissions in 1990. It is a known fact that not much has happened so far.

As a nation, this is where we are headed. To 2030 with reduced emissions. This is not possible without developing more renewable energy. Electric vehicles need electricity. A clean industry must have clean energy. A low-emission society is unattainable without large amounts of renewable energy. We are not blind to the fact that wind power also come with its challenges. Building in nature has its consequenses. This is why we are committed to develop gently, with respect for the surroundings and wildlife. We have succeded, and must succeed. If there was no cost to save the planet from climate change, it would have been done a long time ago. Now we are behind schedule. We must be willing to prioritize climate now. Before it's too late.



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