Birkenes Facility Services

BIFAS – Birkenes Facility Services offers local solutions for catering, accommodation and other services for the RWE project in Oddeheia and Bjelkeberg.

Local catering service is solved in collaboration with Horisonten, a local supplier, with  experience with catering and accomondation deliveries for large development projects.

Accommodation is offered in collaboration with local firms and farmers with rooms for rent in houses and cabins in the area around Oddeheia and Bjelkeberg:  

Other facility services are offered by Kjell Arild Iglebæk in BIFAS. He has a large network of local subcontractors in the Birkenes region. Contact us and we will help with local deliveries in most areas. 


BIFAS – Facility Services 
Kjell Arild Iglebæk
Phone: +47 934 68 436 

BIFAS – Catering and accomondation
Ingegjerd Fidje Iglebæk​
Phone: +47 911 39 347 


Wind Powered business opportinities

Vindmuligheter c/o BTG AS, Tveide næringspark 1, 4760 Birkeland